How a seasoned real estate agent plans to relaunch her career

Most real estate leadership positions have some sort of shelf-life; re-entry into production is a somewhat common occurrence, and my story is no different.
The overall plan
My 2017 relaunch mission is to take my business from $0 to $10 million in 10 months (by the end of the year).

My plan, not surprisingly, is based primarily on the basics, best practices, authenticity (doing what I like and am good at), top sphere, agent referrals and the right Facebook presence. I figure if anyone can do this, one of the top new agent coaches in the country can.
My previous life
My 18-year real estate career path macro progression looks something like this: solo to team to bigger team to a leadership position to sabbatical and back to solo. The sabbatical was 2016 (more on that later). The “back to solo” was a February 2017 decision.

$0 to $10 million in 10 months — this is my 2017 relaunch back into real estate production.

Why $10 million? Because $6 million was a no-brainer, $8 m…