How to select the right real estate brokerage

Reposted with permission from Matt Bonelli.

You just passed the real estate exam and are now ready to become a real estate rockstar.

Or maybe you’re a veteran agent who wants to take your business to the next level.

Fantastic on both accounts, but which brokerage are you going to affiliate with to make that happen?

There are several things to consider when selecting a real estate brokerage, including:

  1. What kind of business and administrative support does the company provide?
  2. Does the company’s brand align with your personal brand?
  3. What type of network is the brokerage affiliated with?
  4. Do you like the manager who will be overseeing your activities, and is he or she a person you can collaborate with?

I dive further into each of these items in the video above.

You’ll notice that I don’t mention commission splits, lead generation or CRMs. Those may be important to you — and I’m not saying to dismiss them completely — but you should focus on the total value the brokerage provides you with.

Another tip: Don’t prioritize things you can do on your own, such as manage a CRM software. Instead, pay attention to the big ticket items you cannot change or manage on your own.

Lastly, when interviewing with a brokerage, make sure the people there show interest in your story and your goals. If they don’t care now, will they care in the future?

Finding a quality brokerage where you can hang your hat — and your license — is no easy task, but if you focus on the value the brokerage brings and the quality of the people already working there, you’ll find your way to the perfect one.

Matt Bonelli is a manager and broker associate for Turpin Realtors’ Chatham office in Chatham, New Jersey. You can follow him on Twitter or learn more about him on LinkedIn.