Letters from: The Broke Agent

Welcome to “Letters from,” a column that examines the intimate thoughts of members of the real estate industry.

Learning from our mistakes creates a more powerful version of ourselves moving forward.

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Name: The Broke Agent
Role: Real estate agent
Years in business: Four
www.thebrokeagent.com | @thebrokeagent | facebook.com/thebrokeagent


1. Why did you get into this business?

I believed that my dynamic personality and competitive nature would allow me to relate with clients and prosper in the industry.

2. What is the biggest challenge you face right now in your business?

The disconnect and lack of trust as a younger agent.

3. What do you know now that you wish you had known when you first started the business?

That the real estate community is a gossip pool, and your reputation is everything.

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4. Who has made the biggest positive impact on your business?

My father.

5. What is one thing someone could do to help you in your business?

Give me a referral.

6. What tool has made the biggest positive impact on your business?

Tinder. I have actually gotten multiple leads on the dating app telling girls that I am in real estate. This has been my best source of lead generation in terms of dating and actual prospecting.

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7. What do you think is going to be the biggest change in real estate in the next five years?

I think the real estate industry is going to shy away from traditional forms of marketing and become more video-based. Short, sharable videos are the easiest way to navigate through a house.

Also, a comedic twist in marketing makes content more sharable. People are spending less and less time reading, so anything that is short, unique and to the point will get people’s attention.

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Cheryl Spangler is the principal broker and co-owner of FORBZ Real Estate Group located in Alexandria, Virginia (serving VA, DC, MD). You can follow her on Twitter or Linkedin.

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