Stop celebrating numbers, start championing service in real estate

The real estate industry is divided between those agents who focus only on sales volume and those who are dedicated to providing the best level of service.

It cannot be ignored that sales are central to the real estate business, and because agents are independent contractors, finding customers is critical to their success. And, of course, there are enormously successful agents who provide great service.

But two vastly different cultures seem to be shaping up in the real estate business. Sales versus service. Leads or customers. Quality versus volume.

This may seem like a tired debate that has been going on for decades. But it is hyperinflated by the advent of digital marketing, which often touts authenticity but is merely a cover for saturating consumers with pitches for houses and services.

Indeed, agents who provide the best client care are often overshadowed by wheeler dealers or by the sheer number of amateurs stumbling in and out of the business — many who are easily …