Xome’s earnings, sales slip slightly in Q3 2016

Xome — the end-to-end real estate platform launched in June 2016 by mortgage holding company Nationstar — hasn’t yet become the disruptive “Uber of real estate” that some have predicted is on the industry’s horizon.

Still, the company earned Nationstar $11 million in the first quarter of 2016 and an adjusted $22 million in Q2.

Reporting a slightly smaller but still respectable $20 million in Q3, it’s safe to say that Xome isn’t throwing in the towel on the disruption game just yet.
Profit and loss
Nationstar’s total earnings for Q3 2016 were $542 million, and expenses totaled $407 million, bringing the balance sheet to an overall profit of $51 million after other interest income and expenses.

“Our third quarter achievements solidify us as the preferred industry partner,” s…