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Find a Real Estate Agent
How to Find a Real Estate Agent: Where to Look and What to Ask  By Natalie Way | Apr 2, 2022 Before putting your home on the market or setting out to buy a new one, you should identify real estate agents in your community who can assist with the sale. More than two million people [...]
2022 Homebuyer Trends make a Splash
2022 Homebuyer Trends: These Are the Features Buyers Demand in Your Home - and the Ones They Can Live Without  By Elena Cox | Mar 21, 2022 2022 homebuyer trends are already in the works! Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings. And after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic turning the world [...]
First-time Home Sellers be Advised
First-Time Home Sellers Often Get these 8 things Wrong in Today’s Crazy Market!  By Nina Malkin | Mar 9, 2022 The housing market is a sizzling seller’s game at the moment, where homes stand to spark bidding wars and sell for sky-high prices. “COVID-19 caused so many people to re-evaluate their shelter needs, resulting in increased [...]
Housing Activity Falls Flat in January 2022
Following a record-breaking year, January’s housing activity falls flat as new listings, contracts and home sales drop below those of 2021. | FEBRUARY 18, 2022 New listings were up 11 percent in 2021 but ticked down (0.5 percent) in the first month of 2022. Home sales and contracts dipped 2.8 percent and 0.8 percent, [...]
Homebuying Secrets in Today’s Market
The New Rules of Homebuying Today: 5 Secrets To Succeed in a Red-Hot Market By Tara Mastroeni | Feb 7, 2022 Here’s an understatement for you: Buying a home today is not the same as it used to be. In fact, it’s a whole new ballgame. The COVID-19 pandemic, of course, is largely to blame—throwing the [...]
Down Payment Misperceptions Combated!
Down Payment Misperceptions Increase January 10, 2022 The majority of home buyers—87%—finance their home purchase. But some aspiring buyers may delay their purchase due to persistent myths over down payment requirements. Thirty-five percent of consumers believe they need a down payment of 16% to 20% of the purchase price. Ten percent believe they need more [...]
2022 Trends in Home Design
2022 Trends in Home Design (What Zillow, Wayfair, Yelp And 1stDibs Are Predicting)   Forbes | Original article byAmanda Lauren As 2021 comes to a close, many companies including Zillow, Yelp, Wayfair Professional, and 1stDibs released their end of year reports consisting of consumer statistics, professional input and market data on the most popular home trends of 2021 along [...]
Rising Mortgage Rates 2022
Experts Project Rising Mortgage Rates Will Continue in 2022 Original article by Keeping Current Matters Rising mortgage rates are one of several factors that impact how much you can afford if you’re buying a home. When rates are low, they help you get more house for your money. Within the last year, mortgage rates have [...]
Inflating Housing Market
Inflating Housing Market - Affecting Home Prices: What Buyers and Sellers Need To Know Right Now  By Janet Siroto | Dec 2, 2021 Inflating housing market: a red-hot topic right now, and for good reason: In October, the annual inflation rate rose to an alarming 6.2%. That’s the highest it’s hit since November 1990, over 30 years [...]
Columbus Real Estate Market Top 5 in Nation
Columbus Real Estate Market Top 5 in Nation originally By Elena Cox | Dec 7, 2021 Pinterest This past year has been wildly turbulent for just about everyone but the waters have been particularly choppy for those who decided to buy or sell a house. From skyrocketing home prices due to record-low inventory, and bidding wars [...]


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