Thank You Steve and Lotus Advisors...

“My name is Tom, and I wanted to share a few of my thoughts about working Steve and Lotus Advisors. 
I started last year when I hired them to manage my three rental units here in Columbus, Ohio. I had worked with three other property management company’s and none of them would come close to the service that Lotus Advisors have provided for me. 
Before, I would have trouble with items such as, repair services, notifying me of items that needed to be taken care of, and of course collection of the rents, (if any rent were collected at all) in a prompt and reasonable period of time.
 Now all of the repairs are taken care of with prior notification from them and with good advise on how to correct the problems affectively, economically and on time. Great communications both when I call them and them calling me. And the collection of rent money. This has been a vast improvement from the past. They have turned around my rental income from about $6,000/year loss, to well into a positive cash flow with just the few units that I have.
Now let me talk about my experience with Lotus Advisors as my realtor. I have been in the market for more investment properties. Steve not only is a realtor but a real estate broker. We have spent numerous hours and days and visited 50 to 60 properties with him taking the time to pick these selected properties. We found a property that we decided to purchase. This property was about 50% below market value and after we did a rehab, which he was the project manager, we were able to turn a $82,000 total investment to a $133,000 appraised value property. 
Steve and Lotus Advisors have changed my attitude in real estate investing from a losing venture to something I now believe will work.”

-Tom Newton

The Lopezes


“As first time homebuyers we were so blessed to have worked with Lotus Advisors. Steve is so knowledgeable and helped us find the best value for our money! We were looking for a home that we could start our lives together in and then grow as we have a family. That is exactly what Steve was able to find us. We didn’t know much about owning a home or what that would entail, but working with Steve afforded us the opportunity to grow into proud and responsible homeowners. Steve helped us understand what were realistic expectations when looking at what it would take to update a home. We absolutely love our home, and if we decided to sell it someday we would never work with anyone else!”

– Kevin & Marissa


Hi there,

“Steve Cochern and Lotus Advisors were not only able to direct the sale of our house within days on the market but were able to turn our dream home into a reality.”

-Robin Hyde

Heroic Media

Hi there,

“Working with Steve Cochern and Lotus Advisors has been a pleasure.  His professional services and attention to detail ensures that my investment in rental property continues to be a wise choice.  Being a “landlord” has never been so easy.”

– Joe Young

The Smith Family


“Eight years ago my family was in need of a realtor to purchase our first house. Steve was recommended to us by a friend and we couldn’t have been happier with our experience and our first property. We now rent that property through Lotus Advisors and have purchased our second home with Steve’s help. We can’t imagine a better advisor in a field in which we have very little understanding. We believe that our family’s quality of life is better on a daily basis because of Lotus Advisor’s hard work and dedication. You will not find a better, more knowledgeable Realtor, period. Thanks Steve!”

– Josh & Jenn Smith


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